Tooth Extraction

Teeth Extraction

We believe that tooth extraction is the last resort and saving your teeth is our priority. However, some teeth cannot be saved and it is a healthier option to remove them. Our dentist is extremely skilled at tooth removal and will make your experience pain-free and stress-free. Our clinicians use numbing gels to ensure the experience is super comfortable.

Immediate Denture Replacements

Bayswater Station Dental is the perfect place to have your teeth removed and then replaced with a denture in the same appointment. Our highly qualified dentists are able to remove teeth so that you don’t have to have a gappy smile. If you are concerned with the appearance of a mising tooth, book an appointment with us today.

Our team will look after your tooth removal experience!

Our team will aim to make this experience as calm and comfortable as possible for you.

Contact us to book a consult for your tooth extraction with our highly qualified clinicians.