Root Canal

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The Root Canal Treatment Process

Root Canal

Endodontic root canals are used to treat teeth with infected pulp or dead tissue and stop the spread of infection. The affected tooth is saved by removing the infected pulp and reshaping canal.

The pulp is located inside every tooth. It provides the tooth with nutrients and nerves. If the pulp tissue is damaged or infected, it can die. After the nerve and the pulp are removed, the root is cleaned and sealed to protect it. The tooth is strengthened by placing a crown over it.

In the past, pulp-damaged teeth were extracted. Root canal treatment is a modern solution that allows dentists to save the tooth while maintaining a natural smile.


Root Canal Questions

Which is Better, a Root Canal Treatment or an Extraction of the Tooth?

In order to preserve our natural teeth, we should always opt for a dental root canal rather than pulling the tooth out. When we undergo a root canal the root of the teeth remains intact. These roots can help maintain the density and strength of the jawbone. The jawbone begins to deteriorate when the tooth is removed, and this can give it an older look.

The jawbone is left in place when the infection is treated by root canal therapy. Missing teeth can cause a number of problems. It can lead to bone loss and an increased risk of tooth loss. The adjacent teeth will often shift into the empty space caused by a missing tooth. This can cause problems with speech, biting, and chewing.

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